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Oxfam in Ethiopia, conducted a research projects from November 2010-2012 with fund provided from Bill and Melinda Gates (BMGF).  The purpose was to advance our understanding of the interplay between community-based coping mechanisms, external interventions, and the pressures of climate change in sub-Saharan Africa through an analysis of pastoralist communities coping with drought management challenges in southern Ethiopia and small-holder cotton farmers in southern Mali. The research took place in Mali and Ethiopia and will be an important contribution to the knowledge base on the CC ag nexus.

Through the knowledge that this project produces, traditional coping practices of pastoralists and dry farming small producers (and their institutions) are acknowledged as important and relevant and gender inequities are addressed to enable government agencies and NGOs to incorporate the coping mechanisms into planning, so the target groups can better adapt to climate variability.

Project Objectives:

  • To document the practices that men and women farmers and pastoralists continue to rely on to deal with drought and to identify the institutions that uphold these practices.
  • To identify the constraints to the proper functioning of indigenous institutions and to propose possible solutions to strengthen them in ways that address gender equity and helps farmers and pastoralists be better prepared for droughts and future climate change.
  • To facilitate greater collaboration and learning among community leaders, NGOs, relevant government offices and researcher to ensure that indigenous practices and their institutions are valued and recognized.

The following are some of the extracts from the research results.

Oxfam Guidance Brief - final.pdf

CC coping mechanism project EWS briefing paper - final.pdf

CC coping mechanism project general briefing note - sep 13.pdf



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